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Jon Good (Pheonix FM)

I played one of AJ’s tracks on my radio show “The Sunday Sessions” on Phoenix FM. The response was magnificent, and i shall be playing a lot more over the coming weeks.

We have AJ on our unsigned artist of the week on Qube Radio. Not only did AJ have an awesome personality and the discussion around her music very engaging, as we chatted more her personal life story came out and AJ was open in her promotion of the mental health challenges she has been through and how this is reflected in some of her music. This gave some really good depth into AJ and her story to help others through music. We look forward to having AJ back on the show soon.
Simon Ore
(Qube Radio)
Bleeding Heart, Wow that’s brill!
Darla Jade
“We’ve helped promote AJ’s undoubted talent on Waves Radio. An inspirational singer/songwriter, she has brought joy and lifted the spirits of so many people locally, nationally and internationally during such a difficult period. Wishing AJ continued success”
Glenn Moir
Music has been a big part of my life as far as I can remember ....I believe music is very personal and what one person likes another person might dislike ... I personally love singer/songwriter where you can actually here the words and they mean something....I came across AJ recently by chance ...not only was I impressed with her vocals & personality initially ...but later discovered that she actually writes some of her own songs....because of this it got my attention and then I found out she has a passion for singing as far as she can remember and has decided she really wants to put everything into it as a full time professional singer/songwriter ...and because she is doing it for the right reasons ....the love & the passion of music...and for the joy she knows she brings to us all when she performs...I’m sure you will never forget AJ once you’ve heard her beautiful voice ❤️
Terence Peppin
This is to certify that A.J Mclovely has been performing for the Lancaster live show in the capacity of singer from August 2020 to March 2021 A.J Mclovely is reliable,hardworking,caring and helpful. A.J has supported all the Lancaster live team members and assisted many of our viewers during lockdown. A.J Mclovely is the most reliable and caring person I know. I wish A.J every success in her future endeavours
Wesley Hoyle
Organiser of Lancaster live
AJ has a great personality, a heart of gold, always says hello to people when she can. Has a great voice, great support to others.
Graham Monks
I first discovered AJ during lockdown when I was running a large Music Group on Facebook. AJ has a beautiful singing voice and beautiful personality to go with it too. she’s versatile and can sing a huge range of music. She puts her own style into her music. AJ sings from the heart and puts feeling into her music. Whenever AJ performs virtual online gigs it’s more than just music, she takes time in between songs to connect and interact with her fans to the point she has created an online family with many and has kept so many including myself going through dark times. She can capture an audience easily. AJ is a shining star and can light up any stage. Definitely worth watching and listening to.
Veronica Largue