πŸ’šπŸ’šπŸ’š Mental Health Awareness Week 2022-theme LONELINESS.​


πŸ’š Following a series of traumatic experiences in my own life, I could never have imagined just how quickly my mental health would spiral downward into depths of despair that I had never known. To suddenly find myself struggling to come to terms with these events, and not knowing who or where to turn to, left me completely vulnerable and isolated. I was completely lost.
However, I eventually found hope and solace in music and nature, above all else, and a passion to help others dealing with similar issues. I hope that my plight can help others find the strength to go on, remove the continuing stigma around mental health and prevent the ever worrying number of suicides in the world today.

πŸ’šAs an ambassador for MH and a sufferer of EUD/BPD, i will, as always be doing my utmost throughout the week, and beyond, to continue to raise awareness, provide information and raise funds for Mental Health Charities.

πŸ’šPersonally I dont think we should be limited to one week a year to try and engage more people. MH is a daily battle for many, myself included and sadly if im honest i dont feel much has changed in a year, despite the pandemic and deteriorating MH for many.

πŸ’šMental health is an illness. Just like diabeties is an illness. You do not get a choice and more often than not it is caused by the brains reaction to an event, circumstance or ill treatment, ie divorce, death, bullying, etc. Why then are those suffering made to feel isolated, lonely and like it’s their fault.

πŸ’šPeoples attitudes towards MH need to change and fast.
With far more pressure on people these days, especially from social media, to be β€œliving your best life”, I see more and more people suffering everyday, feeling like failures because their life isn’t that way or they don’t β€œlook” perfect.

πŸ’šI am one person. I can’t do it all on my own and I wish I could do more to make people care, listen and support, but unfortunately I am not responsible for peoples attitudes. I can TRY my best though, and as long as I’m on this planet, i will continue to do so and to fight for sufferersπŸ’š, because I can’t think of a better cause.
πŸ’šIf you know someone struggling, reach out, pop round, pick up the phone, arrange a walk or a meet up, send a card, whatever it takes to make one person suffering from MH feel a little less lonely in the world today. Remember loneliness kills. I know if I hadn’t felt as lonely and alone i would NEVER have attempted my own life. Sadly I still feel very lonely today, as do many, especially following the pandemic.


πŸ’šFriendship, family and support is crucial. It is so much more than sending a text message now and again. It’s about real connection, spending REAL time together, making memories, making plans together, being part of something, belonging and finding your tribe. Yes, life is busy, but it should never be too busy to make time for what is important in life and I believe this to be love, family and friendship. Life is short…

πŸ’šKeep safe. Keep fighting. Keep caring and keep being kind. This strange world needs it now more than ever.


The challenges of the Covid-19 pandemic have brought the importance of mental health and wellbeing into even sharper focus.

If you feel stressed, anxious or low from time to time, doing something positive to help yourself can make a real difference to your mood.

Positive steps in Mental Health-

πŸ’šExercise-whether it be intense cardio, running, swimming, jogging or simply going for a walk in the park-get those endorphins going!

πŸ’šGet creative!
Pick up some paints, a mindfulness colouring book, your phone camera and get creative.
Write a poem, a short story or even a song.
Channel whats going on into something beautiful.

πŸ’šDo something YOU love.
Run a bubble bath and lose yourself for an hour with a good book and a soak.
Go for a drive in nature.
Order you favourite take away.
Make YOURSELF feel special and loved.

πŸ’šStay connected.
Message, call or arrange a meet up with a friend, family member, neighbour, colleague.
It’s good to talk.

πŸ’šLaugh and smile.
Watch something funny.
Look through old photos of good and silly memories.
It’ll warm your heart.

πŸ’šGet some fresh air.
Headphones in. Take that first step outside and GO! BREATHE in that fresh and beautiful air.

These are just a few of the many things you can do to improve your mental health or recommend to others.

Love, peace and happiness, AjπŸ’š.